Voices Past, Present, and Future is back!

Have you ever had a word that popped into your head and wondered about all the different roads that just that one word can take you down?

Voices of the Present and Future would like for you to travel with me, down the road that the single word “Illusion” can take us down.

Let’s start with the definition of the word Illusion: It’s a distortion of the senses, which can reveal how the human brain normally organizes and interprets sensory stimulation. Although illusions distort our perception of reality, they are generally shared by most people.

Let me offer an example: a misrepresentation of a “real” sensory stimulus that is, an interpretation objective “reality” as defined by general agreement. I agree “DO WHAT?” In laymen terms it’s a child who perceives tree branches at night as if they are goblins.

The word “illusion” kept popping into my mind as I was developing a character for my book. I was curious as to how many interpretations this word has. That is why we are here. It’s quite facinating when it’s weighed against other words.

Reality vs. Illusions-Reality is the state of things as they exist, as opposed to an idealistic or rational idea of them.

Illusions vs. Delusions-An illusion is a perceptual disturbance while a delusion is a belief disturbance. It is deeply held false belief that is maintained even when other information contradicts the belief.

Hallucination vs. Illusion-Hallucinations are a perception not based on sensory input, while illusions are a misrepresentation of a correct sensory input.

Is life an illusion or a dream? Both are illusions in the sense that your perception of reality is not “Reality”, and is constructed within your mind the same as dreams are. No one experiences reality directly but by perceptions crafted within their own minds.

Is happiness an illusion? Yes, because a cloudy image of your desire can never really materialize. Happiness is a transient state that is often over shadowed by the next thing.

Jean-Paul Sartre said, “The moment we realize we are not immortal, we see the meaning of life as an illusion.

Albert Einstein said, “Reality is nearly an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.”

How are illusions related to our daily life? Our ability to see involves the brain moulding raw sensory data into a refined form. Some refinements are deliberate, in that they are designed to help us survive.

The illusion of separation- Is what continues to keep us away from our authentic self. We see others as more powerful or less worthy, but it is all just a mirror of our need to maintain the false self.

Out of all of this confusion, I would like to offer you 5 strategies that make a good bit of sense to me:

  1. Appreciate painful memories from the past so that you can set them free.
  2. Ease worries about the future by takinnnnnng control of the present.
  3. Snuggle into the here and now.
  4. Don’t allow ideas about age hold you back.
  5. Experience reality as a child does.

Author: Pameladlockwood

I am an aspiring author. I love to work in my woodshed. I learned how to run a lathe which is my tool of choice for making lamps and bottles. I also love to dram and paint. Creating is my passion. I am a mother of 4 and a grandmother of 3. I have recently been diagnosed with a rare nerve condition called CRPS. It has been a hard road for me but through this site and creating I hope to find some solace. I am a firefight 2. I have been an applied therapy assistant for autistic children. I have a degree in two years of accounting and have received my certificate in Medical Transcription. I love to learn and grow as a person.

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