Voices past, present, and future wanted to a deep dive into who Anna Delvey, portrayed in the Netflix true-crime-series, “Inventing Anna”.

Anna Delvey, real name (Anna Sorokin) was born January 23,1991. Predominantly growing up in Germany, she was born in Domodedovo, a town outside Moscow Russia. Mother once owning a small convenience store and father driving a truck, Anna and her brother were raised in a middle-class-family.

With the idea of pursuing a fashion degree in Paris, Anna left Germany at age 19, when she took the name Anna Delvey. After attending Fashion Week in New York of 2013, on behalf of Purple Magazine, she eventually decided to stay in the city.

Insider reported that in February 2002, Netflix paid Anna $320,000 for rights to adapter her life story for the Netflix series “Inventing Anna”. In an open letter for Insider, she expressed her thoughts on the show.

“Nothing about seeing a fictionalzed version of myself in this criminal-insane-asylum setting sounds appealing to me. For a long while, I was hoping that by the time Inventing Anna came out, I would’ve moved on with my life. I imagined for the show to be a conclusion of sorts summing up and closing of a long chapter that had come to an end. Nearly your years in the making and hours of phone conversations and visits later, the show is based on my story and told from a journalist’s perspective. And while I’m curious to see how they interpreted all the research and materials provided, I can’t help but feel like an afterthought, the somber irony of being confined to a cell at yet another horrid correctional facility lost between the lines, the history repeating itself.”

Anna Delvey

The publication in the Insider also reports that Anna used $199,000 of moneys recieved by Netflix to pay restitution to the banks she owes, as well as another $24,000 to settle her state fines.

In February 2021 Anna Delvey was released from prison early and she immedialtely returned herself to the Instagram world. However in March, she was taken into custody again for overstaying her VISA.

A spokesperson for ICE confirms to People magazine, on March 15, 2022, that Anna remains in a New York detention center “pening removal”. A German news outlet, Der Spiegle, reported that Anna’s deportation had failed due to her refusing to leave for the airport while she waited for her lawyers to file a motion to stay the decision.

Anna had an appearance on the Call Her Daddy podcast, speaking to host Alex Cooper over video call. When asked if she had ever told anyone she was a German heiress, she responeded “no”. Anna also replied, “No one introduces themselves like that. Like, what kind of sentence is that? It’s completely ridiculous.” Anna stated that she believed “people put together this story after the DA’s office released the original press release from when I got arraigned in October 2017.”

CAUTION: If you haven’t yet finished watching the Netflix series, I recommend not reading any further. There are some spoilers I am going to list below.

  1. Fact: Anna did really steal a jet.
  2. Fiction: Anna’s boyfriend, Chase Sikorski, is technically not a real person.
  3. Fact: Vivian Kent (Jessica Pressler) was indeed pregnant while writing the article.
  4. Fiction: Pressler’s baby nursery was not actually covered in a web of pictures of Anna.
  5. Fact: Anna did know Billy McFarland and Pharma brother Martin Shkreli.
  6. Fiction: Anna didn’t get any special treatment in prison during her interviews.
  7. Fact: Jessica Pressler loaned Anna clothes for her trial.
  8. Fiction: Jessica Pressler didn’t really attempt to break into Anna’s family home in Germany, although she did visit to research for a potential book.
  9. Fact: Rachel DeLoache Williams did help the police find Anna and got American Express to forgive the charges, as well as recieved a six-figure book deal.
  10. Fact: Neff Davis does still defend Anna to this day.

While although exposing some of the pieces of fact and fiction surrounding the Netflix series “Inventing Anna”, voices, past, present, and future wanted to bring to you an article of the Present. I hope you enjoyed!

Author: Pameladlockwood

I am an aspiring author. I love to work in my woodshed. I learned how to run a lathe which is my tool of choice for making lamps and bottles. I also love to dram and paint. Creating is my passion. I am a mother of 4 and a grandmother of 3. I have recently been diagnosed with a rare nerve condition called CRPS. It has been a hard road for me but through this site and creating I hope to find some solace. I am a firefight 2. I have been an applied therapy assistant for autistic children. I have a degree in two years of accounting and have received my certificate in Medical Transcription. I love to learn and grow as a person.

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