“Little Miss Nobody”

Voices of the Past recently brought to you the story, “The Hollow Tree”. This story falls in with nine other stories involving vicims whose identity and names have never been discovered.

“Little Miss Nobody”, a little girl named by a local radio host who had began a campaign to raise funds for this little girls’ burial, so that she would not have to go to Potter’s Field.

Toes painted red, hair dyed auburn, a little girls body was partially buried in the sand, which to investigators looked like whoever buried her had made several attempts to dig her a proper grave.

On March 15, 2022 “Little Miss Nobody” was finally identified as Sharon Lee Gallegos. Her body was found in Congress, Yavapai County, Arizona on July 31, 1960. The specific cause of her death has never been determined due to the decomposition of her remains, although it is still considered to be a homicide.

Gallegos was kidnapped from outsided her grandmother’s home in New Mexico, by two unknown individuals and her body was found ten days later. Gallegos had been playing in an alley with two of her cousins when a man and a woman offered to buy her some candy and new clothes if she would get into their car with them. Once the little girl refused, she was dragged by the arm into the car by the woman. The car then sped away, last being seen turning west onto Fifth Street.

THE INVESTIGATION: The vehicle Gallegos was pulled in to was believed to be a dark-green 1951 0r ’52 model Dodge or Plymouth Sedan. The female abductor was described by the witnesses as a short, bespectacled and heavy-set woman, in her 30’s with dirty blonde hair. The male was described as a fair, thin caucasian, having a long, straight nose, and sandy colored hair.

One of the witnesses immediately reported the kidnapping to her mother who in-turn immediately notified authorities. The police had set up road blocks at the Texas-New Mexico border within the hour, searching numerous vehicles that matched the description given. The police were unable to apprehend the kidnappers.

The possibility that Galegos was kidnapped for ransom seemed unlikely due to the family’s modest means and the fact that no demands for money had been received. There had been evident previous stalking which indicated that the Galegos girl was was specifically targeted by these individuals. An 11-year old witness to the abduction, was adamant that she had observed this same vehicle outside Gallegos’ home shortly before the abductio. The witness stated that she and Gallegos walked toward the vehicle while en route to a local grocery store. According to the witness, Gallego had become greatly distressed and asked to be carried when they saw that the woman inside the vehicle was staring intently at Galegos’ home. A friend and neighbor of the Gallegos family also stated that the previous Sunday she also had observed a dark-green vehicle parked where the child had been abducted.

Upon the police finding Galegos body, her hair had been changed, her clothes had been changed since the abduction, and she was found only 800 km from the abduction site they could not elliminate that this was possibly her but due to the belief that the inidentified child was estimated to have been around 7 years old the police had made a statement that it could not be the missing Galegos girl.

Because of advanced technologies and genetic geneology analysis, “Little Miss Nobody” was identified as the little girl who had been found back in 1960.

Now, while I know that there was a lack of resources availble to investigators and forensiics during that time period, it saddens me that it took this long to identify this child and give her back her born name and for the remaining family to finally find a little peace in that she was finally identified. ‘

The invesigation into “Litte Miss Nobody’s” abduction is still ongoing focusing on the abductors and the events that occured during the ten days before her abduction.

Voices of the Past and Present hope you enjoyed this once unsolved missing child case from the past being solved as to the identity of who she is in the present.

Author: Pameladlockwood

I am an aspiring author. I love to work in my woodshed. I learned how to run a lathe which is my tool of choice for making lamps and bottles. I also love to dram and paint. Creating is my passion. I am a mother of 4 and a grandmother of 3. I have recently been diagnosed with a rare nerve condition called CRPS. It has been a hard road for me but through this site and creating I hope to find some solace. I am a firefight 2. I have been an applied therapy assistant for autistic children. I have a degree in two years of accounting and have received my certificate in Medical Transcription. I love to learn and grow as a person.

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